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Rates & Insurance Reimbursement

  • Rates: If you are experiencing financial difficulties, Mr. Lukeman provides a sliding fee scale based upon your salary. Please see below. Individual session rate: $250.00. Couples therapy: $300.00

  • Insurance Accepted:  Aetna

  • Out of Pocket Insurance Reimbursement

  • Check with your insurance provider to see if you have “out of network” mental health coverage. This can be done by either calling your representative, or by checking your benefits online. Make sure to find out if you have a deductible that must be met, and what percentage of the service will be reimbursed. The CPT code used for individual psychotherapy sessions is "Psychotherapy 45 minutes - 90834"

  • If you request it, after your first session, you will receive a “Statement for Reimbursement” that includes diagnostic information and all other necessary information for you to submit to your insurance provider. Subsequent invoices will be emailed monthly for convenience.

  • Submit claim according to your insurance policy. Generally, your insurance company will ask you to submit the Statement for Reimbursement either via mail or by uploading it onto their portal. After it has been submitted, insurance companies generally mail the reimbursed dollar amount to your home within 2-3 weeks.

If You Are Experiencing Financial Difficulties: 

Individual Treatment:

Couples Treatment:

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