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Treatment Approach

​I will use a variety of techniques to address your unique needs. The foundation of my approach is Psychodynamic Psychotherapy.  We then work toward a tailored plan which can incorporate mindfulness and cognitive modalities.

There is a large body of research that supports cognitive and mindfulness therapy. It reveals that individuals who practice these techniques are happier, more resilient, and better equipped to heal. It would be my honor and mission to help you move past what’s blocking you, and to reach your potential as an individual and in your relationships.

Some specific skills I can provide to you are:

  • Emotional management, including, but not limited to anger, jealousy, grief, and depression.

  • Coping mechanisms to allow you to work through situations which typically cause you anxiety, fear, or avoidance.

  • Stress-management techniques to apply to deal with stress within your everyday life, such as with your job and family.

  • Skills and techniques to help you better navigate relationships, or to work through relationship troubles.

  • Problem solving skills for you to enact when you encounter issues which may typically have caused you to shy away or back down, such as social situations or public speaking.

  • Improving self-love, self-confidence, and body image.

  • Improving communication, listening, and the ability to speak up for yourself.

  • Understanding your own skills, strengths, and positive attributes and learning to quiet your inner negative critique.

  • Finding a resolution to the issues that originally led you to therapy, such as having panic attacks, or being unable to sleep.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Anxiety / Social Phobia / Panic / PTSD / Truama

  • Depression / Mood Disorders

  • Co-occurring Anxiety and Depression

  • Self Esteem

  • Life Transitions

  • Marriage and Relationship Problems

  • Emerging Adulthood