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Individual Therapy in New York

Adam Lukeman, LCSW



My name is Adam Lukeman and I'm a psychotherapist offering therapy in New York. If you're feeling stuck or overwhelmed, I offer a safe place where we can work through these issues together.

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My Approach

For therapy to be beneficial, it is important to have a strong connection between client and therapist that is based in trust and honesty. The success of your treatment depends on your relationship with your therapist. The extent to which you and your therapist have a meeting-of-the minds is a great indicator of how well your therapy will pay off.


There is substantial evidence showing the effectiveness of psychodynamic and cognitive therapies in helping people become happier, more resilient, and better capable of healing. It would be my pleasure to help you move past whatever is holding you back, so you can reach your highest potential both personally and relationally. My approach uses Psychotherapy and Cognitive therapy at its foundation, while also drawing from Internal Family Systems (IFS) and other researched approaches. I create personalized plans for each individual situation.

My Backround

Adam has a wealth of post-graduate qualifications. He is proficient in modern psychoanalytic technique from the Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Study Center, and acquired an advanced certificate in Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy (RE-CBT) from the Albert Ellis Institute, as well as being versed in Internal Family Systems (IFS). His training doesn't end there--he's honed his craft at SUNY Downstate Hospital’s Inpatient Psychiatry Unit, worked for years at Montefiore Medical Center Outpatient Psychiatry Department, and is an accredited Field Instructor through Fordham University (SIFI). He also offers supervision to other psychotherapists.

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